Six Shooter

A couple of weeks ago, I was faced with a slow, colorless Friday night; not entirely certain of how to kill time after such a hectic week. Lacking even the sheer motivation to put on a DVD from my tiresome collection, I was fortunate to find In Bruges playing on  Film 4. I’d seen it many times before, but each joke was still funny and each scene featuring the three main leads (Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes) was as enjoyable, if not more , then the first time I watched it.

This got me thinking. What else has the director, Martin McDonagh got in his pocket, which might tempt me to take a peak? Astoundingly there was hardly anything. Although Martin McDonagh is an established playright, scripting plays such as “The Pillowman” and the 2003 award winning play “The Lieutenant of Inishmore”, he has few film titles within his body of work. IMDB credites him on only one other film project, the short film called Six Shooter, which he won the Academy Award for Best Short Film, Live Action in 2006.

So I was curious and, ruffling through the junk and clutter, fortunately found it – straight on youtube. Did it live up to my expectations? It certainly did.  With similar themes, similar dry, witty dialect, the same pitch-perfect mix of dark comedy/drama, and a similar actor (in fact the same actor – Brendan Gleeson), what more was there to ponder.

Six Shooter tells of a slow, monotonous train journey back  to Dublin, whereby, after the passing of his wife, a man comes across a down-in-the-dumps couple and a certifiable teenage eccentric ; both who are facing similarly desolate circumstances. For only a 27 minute piece, what a hilarious yet poignant exploration of dealing and coping with death!

Judge for yourself. Here is the Six Shooter:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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