The TV Christmas Highlight: Ross Kemp Vs. The Carol Singers

What was the most memorable TV Christmas highlight? David  Walliams and Matt Lucas in Come Fly With Me. Not really. Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special? Highly unlikely. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Christmas Special? Didn’t that show dissolve a decade ago? The Chronicles Of Narnia double header. Sorry who? What creature? What land? Nope. For me it was all about The Impressions Show With Culshaw and Stephenson. Especially John Culshaw’s take on Ross Kemp On Gangs.

Just a two minute segment and I was in hysterics, straight from the onset. Which gang is he investigating? The gang known on the street as The Carol Singers! It is just plain brilliant, especially for someone who is a big fan of Ross Kemp On Gangs.

First he tells the Carol Singers he’s unarmed, then he says in spectacular Ross Kemp fashion “I see things are about to kick off so I get out of there” when they start singing Ding Dong Merrily On High. Then he comes back and  he can’t avoid their gang culture because they are offering mince pies so he has to sing with them. But here’s the catch, he only knows the sounds of the crips in LA. This leaves space for more hilarity, in the form of a rap which is just too hilarious to even describe. Culshaw is terrific; his accent isn’t precise but the expressions (hence the purpose of the show) and body posture is spot on. Putting  an intelligent spin on an intense situation such as gang culture can collapse instantly, if executed ineffectively. But for this sketch it was just perfect. For that reason it was my highlight of the TV festive season. See for yourself.


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