Ambling Alp


What can I say about “Ambling Alp” – the pre-release single to Yeasayer’s second album “Odd Blood”? Four words; it is fucking insane! Blended with a loose fixture of eclectic drumming and exquisite bass line; intervolved with a delicate, stimulating background composition – the song virtually conveys a sense of mystery and intrigue. You really get this sense of diving into a forbidden pond somewhere, getting lost yet wanting to get lost for the sake of exploration. Basically fuck it because I want to surrender to the chaos.

Although the song is a story, specifically about infamous Italian boxer Primo Carnera, when you get lost in the mix, the lyrics become less crucial. In effect, the story is governed and driven by the obscurity of the sound concoction being formulated.

I first took notice of Yeasayer on a routine trip on the tube, scuffling through the Evening Standard – in fact if it wasn’t for this routine trip I wouldn’t have any idea who the hell the brooklyn outfit are? Immediately I went home, logged on to Spotify and bang – I was sliding to the mosaic that is “All Hour Cymbals” and “Odd Blood”. I can say with genuine enthusiasm this is the best thing that ever came out of the Evening Standard for me.

Here’s Ambling Alp:


2 responses to “Ambling Alp

  1. love this song

  2. its kinda mystical in ways

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