I Got Pinched By A Croissant!

How the hell could I just give away two quid for that? Two dam quid for nothing. I got pinched. I got robbed blindly. I just handed it over and I’m sitting here in Bar Italia in Leicester Square, with a couple of mates, and a plate of one croissant, which trampled me with a £2 charge! Three bites and its gone. Three bites and I’m wondering whether to sue for theft. Three bites and I’ve finally seen the light.

Sure it’s Leicester Square and everyday items are displayed at extortionate prices but come on! I could’ve gone for a fifteen minute walk around the block to Tesco Express in the Strand and bought a packet of five croissants for £1.50. One croissant and I was two quid out of pocket and holding a empty plate of dry crumbs. That’s the flash and glow of Central London for you.


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