The Ashes Comes Home

Congratulations to the England boys for retaining the ashes! In the fourth test in Melbourne, wickets from Chris Tremlett, Graeme Swann and Tim Bresnan was enough to see the boys bring back the treasured ashes. Now they are 2-1 up in the series with only one final test in Sydney to go.

Tim Bresnan Picks Up The Last Wicket(Courtesy of

This is the first time England have retained the ashes in 24 years. If they can go one further step and beat Australia in the final test and win the series, it will be the first time they have won the ashes in Australia since 1986/87.

Now is the time for celebration! Prime Minister David Cameron was the first on the list of people to congratulate the team saying it was a great late christmas present for the country. “”Retaining the Ashes for the first time in almost a quarter of a century marks a very special end to the year for sports fans and a great late Christmas present for the country,”

Despite the celebrations and jubilation, however, England Captain Andrew Strauss insised England must go on and complete the job. He said: “We are going to enjoy today but it’s back on the horse again in Sydney and hopefully we can make it 3-1.”

England Captain Andrew Strauss (Courtesy of

Well done to the England cricket team for achieving such a historic victory in Melbourne. Now complete the triumph – dismantle Australia on their own turf, with victory in the final test.

The Boys Celebrate With A Victory Lap (Courtesy of


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