What’s Wrong With A Little “Hakuna Matata”?

I admit it, I confess it, I have it on my ipod. The original score for The Lion King is firmly on my album lists. Now it may sound disturbing for a 20-odd to have such a composition, positioned, so intrinsically in the heart of his music implement but what can I say, what more do you want me to say – it’s enthralling and I love it.

The Lion King Score is not relaxing – it’s peace provoking! What better way to spend obliterating the monotonous wait on a stranded tube train or a bus caught in the sea of traffic, then sitting back, clearing your mind of all the stresses and listening to “Hakuna Matata”. What’s wrong with a little “Hakuna Matata”? It genuinely eases your mind and makes you feel carefree and untroubled.

Also, the music was so good it competed against itself at the Oscars. Back in 1995, The Lion King was nominated for four Oscars. It picked up two Oscars, Best Original Score for Hans Zimmer and Best Original song for ”Can You Feel The Love Tonight”, but technically it could only pick up two. The Best Original song category consisted of 5 nominees; three of which were from The Lion King (also including “Circle Of Life” and “Hakuna Matata”). Personally I prefer “Hakuna Matata” but what the hell, The Lion King walked away with two Oscars, substantiating my rational for having such a score on my ipod.

Sure, some of us may possess tracks on our ipod which we want to keep quiet; maybe a bit of Westlife, maybe a bit of Sclub7 when we were young and foolish; who doesn’t like Barry Manilow and “Mandy”. Sometimes you just need a bit of Taylor Swift to purify the imbalance. But when it comes to The Lion King soundtrack I am not ashamed! With Hans Zimmer and Elton John playing rhythmically in my ears, on the way to the hellhold of work or the heavy stress pile of university;  there really are no worries.

Hakuna Matata


One response to “What’s Wrong With A Little “Hakuna Matata”?

  1. Some of the best film music I’ve heard and yes it is peace-provoking I wont lie.

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