The Caffeine Culture

(explicit ***)

Striding on the way to work and although work can bring a year of mirth or plain goddamn hurt, we have to stop and make time to pick up a coffee before entering the gates of traction. I’m going to die or I wont even try unless I taste atleast a fraction.

Why Are We Hooked? (Courtesy of

Anything – mocha, frappuccino, latte from anywhere – Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero which is everywhere anywhere. The streets are filled with coffee overkill. The enthusiasm isn’t going to get us through the “extra strong” will. That’s the true trick watch me as I conquer the whole fucking world with just one hit.

We are consumed in a caffeine culture. A life of different sugars, whipped cream, the convoluted brew and the cappuccino dream. Is this the path we choose? A whiff of the manufactured brew otherwise we would just be mindless fools without the first fucking clue.

We are hooked on the variety – the varying strengths, styles, flavours and the additions ; plain milk or frothed, cream – Coffee is no longer just coffee. it’s no longer what it seems. Our cup defines who we are. There exists a unique language just like liquor served at a bar; short black, mocha, flat white, latte. The list rises and subsists.

It’s healthy for the body – it stimulates brain nerves, it gives quicker memory processing , it decreases migraines but that’s not the excuse – it’s all about the energzing boost. It revitalizes you and makes you feel content and happy but that happiness is fake because coffee is just another drug to buy and take. The ritual, habitual kickstart that gets us processng for the brand new day. The drug which is here to stay. It’s got you hooked when you don’t even look.

I started drinking during the extremities of exam period now I’m clasped. The effect is stimulating yet the addiction is vast. We cut time to meet friends over a latte, we drink mocha when we have nothing more to say. Businesses meet and discuss in coffee shops – coffee has revitalized the way we interact and the revolution just wont stop. It’s ironic we drink a stimulant to relax. Yet the willpower to quit it we all just lack.


5 responses to “The Caffeine Culture

  1. whats wrong with coffee in the morning? everyone does it.


  3. thecontroller

    I really love coffee!

  4. It’s too addictive like Glee lol!

  5. I enjoyed your post about the addictiveness of coffee and how it seems to control our lives. I start the day with it, I often have a cup during a meeting, and I frequently enjoy a cup after dinner. How often do we say let’s get together over a cup of coffee? It’s crazy, but I love it. Would love you to stop by my online store and check it out. Thanks for the post.

    Larry at

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