What’s Up With Liam Neeson?

What the heck is up with Liam Neeson? He just goes from one ridiculous film to another. Next week marks the release of The Next Three Days, some tosh starring Russell Crowe about a man with plans to break his wife out of jail. Sure it sounds like action thriller whose sole purpose is to entertain and not to be taken seriously, but then this is followed by the cliched (remember Jason Bourne) junk about a bloke who wakes up to find the people around him have no idea who he is but remembers how to smash a guys face in. A movie with one of the worst possible titles ever known to man yet bears some significance – Unknown. Yes it’s unknown why the fuck he would take on another shitty role such as this.

The A-Team Didn't Go So Well With Fans Of The Show (Courtesy of

It has to be noted his film work in the last couple of years has been absolutely dire – almost as if he’s just accepting any role he gets and not even reading the script. There was The A-Team which lets face it was calamitous and probably ruined the resonance of the TV Show for the rest of existence. Clash Of The Titans. Nothing to say (which is not a good thing). After.Life. No one heard of it. Chloe. Great leading cast. No one saw it. Five Minutes Of Heaven. Once again No one saw it. And then there’s The Other Man. A medicore rip off of Unfaithful.

Recently Neeson turned down the chance to work with Steven Spielberg again in the biopic about Abraham Lincoln (which now sits with Daniel Day-Lewis) which almost certainly would’ve gained attention. Instead he’s going to make a cameo in The Hangover 2. Come on Liam, wake up, your so much better then this. You have so much more to give then cameos and films about forgetful losers!


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