Jeff Goldsmith Is A Dude

For any budding screenwriter or movie addict, when your not watching movies, when you’re not reading imdb or empire online, what’s the most relaxing way to enhance your mind of the latest movie meat? The Creative Screenwriting Magazine Podcast!

With The Creative Screenwriting Magazine Podcast, you get to here the dude that is Jeff Goldsmith (editor of Creative Screenwriting Magazine) interview screenwriters of latest movies and here their decisions and choices on certain film projects. You get a real feel of how they approach screenplays and what methods they utilize to dramatize events and write dialect. They give you valuable screenwriting techniques regarding writing discipline and ways to break into the industry, which is most pivotal for any aspiring writer.

You also learn things about your favorite films you wouldn’t find on some tacky DVD extra. For example in his interview with Jonathan Nolan you learn how Nolan came up with the infamous lines for The Joker – “Wanna know how I got these scars?”

Recently Aaron Sorkin Was Interviewed For The Social Netwoerk (Courtesy of

Recently he interviewed some of the top screenwriters in hollywood today, such as Ben Affleck for The Town, Aaron Sorkin for The Social Network and Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy, for 127 Hours.

Not only does he interview screenwriters but also top directors, such as Jason Reitman during the release Up In The Air and Paul Haggis during the release of In The Valley Of Elah. He visits press screenings and meets actors e.g. the cast of Iron Man 2. He meets co-writers and directors of major Pixar movies, such as Pete Docter and Bob Peterson for Up and Andrew Stanton for Wall-E. He meets writers and directors of smaller, independent films such as Chris Morris for Four Lions and David Michod for Animal Kingdom. One terrific event he regularly attends is Comic Con, where he interviewed the Senior VP of creative affairs at DC Comics and legendary comic creator Stan Lee! Even during Oscar season he brings together all Oscar nominees and conducts intriguing and yet hilarious panel discussions. This podcast has it all!

Goldsmith Also Attends & Interviews Actors, Directors etc At Comic-Con! (Courtesy of

Forget about those other boring shoddy movie podcasts like Film Weekly with Jason Solomon and Watching The Directors, this is the one for your movie needs. Literally Creative Screenwriting Magazine is the ultimate podcast for movie fans everywhere!

Check out the Creative Screenwriting blogspot and download the podcast now:

Creative Screenwriting - Ultimate Tool For Movie Fans (Courtesy of


6 responses to “Jeff Goldsmith Is A Dude

  1. im gonna have to take a look at this since its received such glowing reviews

  2. Dom Jeffers

    He meets some of the most amazing filmmakers! and he asks the right questions and finds information we actually we want to know about!

  3. My favourite interview was with Paul Haggis

  4. Dom Jeffers

    Mine would have to be with Christopher Mcquarrie, the guy who wrote the usual suspects

  5. how many rejections did that guy suffer?

  6. Dom Jeffers

    The studios really screwed him over big time and on several occassions! I guess he’s got enough cause for not being a screenwriter!

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