Stir Fry

You’re going to university for the first time. You move out. You suddenly need to cater for yourself, so what do you do?? Year after year, countless students face the same dilemma, and after so many pizzas in the oven it becomes obvious that good nutrition is in fact a must.

A quick and easy meal- the stir fry. The beauty of this dish is that it’s quick and easy to do, and there is no set recipe, or set ingredients. All you need is noodles of any type (one can buy precooked noodles from any supermarket if they are in a hurry), vegetables and meat of any kind. Any vegetables can be used, and bags of pre sliced vegetables can be bought to speed up the process. Any chicken, red meat of even seafood can be used, or omitted if one is a vegetarian.

Firstly, you cook the seasoned meat with oil in the pan, for around 5 minutes on a medium heat; the smaller the pieces the faster the cooking time. Afterwards, add the noodles and cook them with the meat for the time required on the packaging. Lastly you would add the vegetables to the mix. The secret here is to increase the heat and cook the vegetables quickly, for no more than 2 minutes resulting in crunchy vegetables. Along with the vegetables adding soy sauce or any mixed stirfry sauce from the supermarket would really give the dish an edge. Serve hot and enjoy.

Stir Fry - The Well Balanced Meal (

There you have it- a well balanced meal, with delicious flavours and all the vitamins you need.


2 responses to “Stir Fry

  1. Now I feel like a stir fry! can i move away and cook a stir fry?

  2. David Mathew

    this actually looks pretty interesting i might try it

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