Tenerife In A Nutshell

Whether it’s a family break or a romantic honeymoon holiday, the island of Tenerife offers something for everyone. The biggest of the Canary islands, Tenerife is located in the Atlantic ocean neighbouring Morocco and sits South-West of the coast of Spain.

Location of Tenerife, also shown are the other 6 Canary Islands (Courtesy of

I was lucky enough to visit the town of Los Cristaintos on the Southern coast of Tenerife. Staying at the Tourist resort of Atlantida for a week was not only relaxing but also gave me the chance to learn more about Spanish culture. It came at no suprise to learn that the resort and indeed the whole town was populated by British tourists, however the Spanish charm was still intact as there still seemed to be a substantial population of native inhabitants.

My time there was not put to waste as the Atlantida hotel offered a plethora of exertion tours as well as a variety of sports activities for those wishing to ‘fill’ in the few hour gaps within the days.

Siam Park was one exertion tour I will not forget in a hurry, famous for being the largest water park in Europe it offers entertainment for people from all age ranges and ride tolerance. One thing that stood out had to be the man-made beach with artifical waves which offered endless fun; top this off with a water ride that moves you through a transparent capsule with sharks on the outside, made the visit well worth the coach trip.

For those who enjoy the more natural things in life, the two exertion tours to Loro Parque and Mount Teide should definantely be on the top of your to-do list. Loro Parque is a zoo like no other, not only does it have indangeroued wilflife such as Killer whales but it also has multiple animal shows just to make your time there that bit better. The zoo is found outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz, which is about an hour and a half coach journey from Los Cristiantos.

Tenerifes’ pride has got to be Mount Teide, an active volcano till this day and the highest elevation in Spain. If the friendly tour guides won’t get your hearts warming, the beautiful view of the mountain and surronding national park will. An exertion to this glorious place will take you to the heart of Tenerife and on the way there you will have a chance to witness historical towns and meet traditional inhabitants. One such town is Icod de los Vinos which holds a 1000 year old Dragon tree which lies right beside a church that houses the worlds largest and heaviest Silver cross; a chance to taste one of Spain’s finest delicacies (Paella and Sangria) will finish off a fantastic day during your stay at Tenerife.

Coming back to the actual Atlantida resort, I would strongly recommend your time there. The town of Los Cristiantos and the resort itself is more family oriented and also suited for pensioners; this does not mean to say that night life is empty rather the contrary. Beach parties, nightclubs and exotic restraunts are only a few things that will keep the party heads amused.

All in all, Tenerife is well worth a try but one thing I would stress is that prices are on the costly side; whether that be groceries or presents, but this does not stop the Island being one of the few I would come back to and the one which make me abscond into my thoughts. A great Island, great people, great view and great food – need i say more?


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