iPhone Alarm Bug Annoys Users Yet Again…

Owners of Apple’s iPhone found themselves irate at yet another bug concerning the alarm function on their phones. A glitch with the calender system meant that non-repeating alarms set to go off on New Year’s day just did not go off. In fact the issue still affected phones into the 2nd of January. Apple have responded saying that their aware of the issue and that set alarms will go off 3rd of Jan onwards.

The issue primarily affects the iPhone 4, but other models are said to have been affected. A similar time keeping bug occurred a few months ago, when the alarm function failed to take into account daylight savings time. As a result, alarms set to go off went off at the wrong time, causing much annoyance with users. Many users have been venting their fury on on-line forums, with many of them made late for work or missing flights and trains in their entirety.

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