Jack Bauer To Take A Time Out For The While

Good news for all 24 fans Jack will not make it to the big screen, for the time being anyway. I say this as good news because to be quite honest I don’t believe in the whole TV to Film transition, especially when considering one of the greatest, most original TV dramas ever written.

According to EW, 20th Century Fox passed up on a script written by the screenwriter of State Of Play. The story would have followed on from the final series of the drama. Executive Producer of 24, Howard Gordon, the same man who is key to the transition to the big screen, said he was disappointed by the decision however “the movie will get made at some point” as “there is more life in Jack”.

Jack Isn't Making A Movie For The Time Being (Courtesy of

To see 24 go and ruin itself like many other popular TV shows, which were transferred to the big screen would be the ultimate travesty for any die-hard 24 fan. Remember Miami Vice, remember Starsky & Hutch, remember Sex And The City, remember The A Team. At one stage there were even rumours they were gonna make Friends into a film. Thank the lord this speculation has been put rest. I just hope it doesn’t resurface.

How would a 24 movie even work? How would the original concept work in a film? Apparently the creators of the show would no longer have the clock winding down in the 24 film, so would there really be any need to call it 24 anymore? I’m even more glad the project has been abandoned for the time being, as Tony Scott was attached to direct. With the poor run of movies he’s given us recently (Unstoppable, The Taking Of Pelham 123, need I say any more) there is even greater pause for relief.


2 responses to “Jack Bauer To Take A Time Out For The While

  1. there really is no point of a film. if they wanna completely destroy 24 forvever then make a stupid film.

  2. I absolutely love 24!!!
    Loved every season (well.. I had to pretend I loved season 6 too… but I agree, it was the weakest).
    However I don’t see the point of a movie without the real time factor, which is my view was the best thing of the TV series

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