GET JACKED IN 4 WEEKS, GET 20 INCH ARMS WITH THIS SECRET : The same rubbish plagues the internet, and what’s worse is that we believe it! If you really want to get big the ‘real’ way then look no further. This ‘GET BIG SERIES’ will hopefully give you the knowhow and confidence to get results.

This article will give a brief overview of what is needed- hopefully I haven’t forgotten any key info! More specific advice will follow in the future.

Muscle building is split into three important components

  1. REST

Without rest muscle will not grow. It’s that simple. Enough rest is needed for muscles to recuperate and get bigger. Contrary to belief muscles do NOT grow in the gym. I would recommend a good 7-8hour sleep every night, sleeping and awaking up at the same time. Good habits will stand you in the long run- the last thing you want is to shock your body clock and feel tired on a workout day!

Muscles are made in the kitchen. There are no secret formulas or special foods that make you become huge. What matters is the amount of calories consumed in the day and where those calories come from. As a general rule of thumb, one would need to consume 500 calories above the amount of calories one needs on a normal day. More than this would mean unnecessary fat would be gained, and lower than this may compromise muscle growth. This excess in calories is needed to gain weight. Depending on where the calories come from, will determine whether this weight is muscle or not. Calories come from protein, carbohydrates, fat and alcohol. A weight lifting diet should consist of around 50-60% carbs, 20-30% protein and 20% fat. This would vary for everyone and will depend on body type and goals.

Lastly, weight training. What needs to be understood is that weight training is very personal. What worked for Arnie will not for everyone-believe me, many have tried. Different people with different goals have different workouts. However typically, if someone wants to build muscle the idea is to exhaust your muscles by lifting heavy weights. The amount of sets and repetitions is always debated. THERE IS NO HARD AND FAST RULE- THERE ARE NO SECRETS. Rep ranges from 5-10 should be aimed for. The types of lifts are also important- bicep curls won’t get you anywhere. Compound lifts, where more than one muscle group is used are to be concentrated on. As a beginner, chest press, squats, deadlifts, military presses and pull ups are the exercises that should be concentrated on- anything else is extra.  As a general rule one muscle group per week should be used to allow ample rest for that particular muscle group.

Bodybuilding –many have tried and many have failed. To succeed you must be disciplined. If you aren’t you will definitely be taught it!

If you would like a particular topic to be covered in detail please comment!


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