“Harry Houdini” Just Spurs Them On

Another premier league game and another goal for Gareth Bale. After his hat-trick against Inter Milan in the San Siro, Bale has grown more and more as a player, showing assurance and spirit unlike most others in the league. Saturday’s goal against Fulham took Bale’s total goals up to 11 this season. The boy is brimming with confidence, he has blistering speed and pace, the agility of a cheetah and he can balance those key facets with more then just a few tricks up his sleeve. This boy is on fire at the moment and so is Spurs.

All credit has to go to Harry Redknapp or “Harry Houdini” as they dub him. To think Gareth Bale was a left full back by trade, Harry Redknapp’s gamble to play him on the wing has turned out to be one of the shrewdest and most important decisions he’s made this season. To add to that, Spurs look pretty terrific as a complete outfit. Other players have become revitalized by Redknapp’s direction and have begun to find some fresh form. Aaron Lennon who was for a long time sitting on a goalless streak has finally started to find the net and contribute to the team with more assists. Roman Pavlyuchenko has also improved, placed second on Tottenham’s top scorer list with ten goals. The contributions of Rafael Van Der Vaart’s are also more then welcoming. For just £8 million the dutchman is arguably the best acquisition of the season.

With the likes of Gareth Bale and Rafael Van Der Vaart firing at their peaks, at the minute, other teams are finding it very difficult to cope with the class of Spurs, especially Chelsea. The blues who have slipped further behind the title race and now fourth place doesn’t even look so certain. After drawing 3-3 at home to Aston Villa on Sunday, Chelsea sit in fifth, one point behind Spurs.

In previous Premier League campaigns Tottenham have suffered a recurrent pattern of starting off well, with considerable consistency then experiencing a small lapse somewhere in the middle of the season, where they have a run of 12 to 14 draws and losses. However, with the way they are playing at the moment, it doesn’t look like this lapse is gonna happen. Spurs just march on with another win. With “Harry Houdini” running the show who could argue they wont conjure up something absolutely spectacular this season.

The Gareth Bale Masterclass Against Inter Milan:


2 responses to ““Harry Houdini” Just Spurs Them On

  1. it’s a damn shame we lost the other day, otherwise we would’ve put chelsea behind us!

  2. gareth bale is still on fire! and there’s this new kid they got who scored in the FA cup – he looks a damn piece. cocky git with tricks and turns but we’ll take him!

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