Arterton To Join Garfield in “Waiting For Robert Capa”

It has been announced Gemma Arterton will star alongside Andrew Garfield in a new Michael Mann movie, regarding the combat war photgrapher Robert Cappa, titled Waiting For Capa. Jez Butterworth, the co-writer of Fair Game, was adapting “Waiting for Robert Capa”, the spanish language novel written by Susana Fortes, with the main goal of turning the film into a bold, low budget flick.

Gemma Arterton Will Play Gerda Taro (Courtesy of

In an interview with Total Film Gemma Arterton revealed  “I’m aiming for even more diversity. Capa is confirmed, so I should be working with your hottest actor, Andy Garfield!”

Robert Cappa (Courtesy of

Waiting For Capa tells of how Robert Capa (to be played by Andrew Garfield) and Gerda Taro (to be played by Gemma Arterton) met in Paris in 1935, and details how, during the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War, Capa developed as the most acclaimed war photographer to exist and Taro became the first frontline female battle photographer.


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