Films You Have To See In January!

With the Oscars only two months away we are lucky to be at the crux of the film year where all the big films arrive at our screens, hoping to attract critical attention as well as accomplish box office plaudits. January includes the release of two possible Oscar-nominated performances; James Franco in Danny Boyle’s latest film the action/survival thriller 127 Hours and Colin Firth in The King’s Speech. January also sees the release of several awesome comedies; How Do You Know, Morning Glory and the Golden Globe nominated Barney’s Version. Oh and there’s also a hapless superhero, The Green Hornet, coming to the big screen and another Jason Stathman kick-the-crap-out-of-anyone who-walks-in-my-path thriller – The Mechanic. You have no excuses – here are the films you have to see in January.

127 Hours


The King’s Speech


Black Swan




The Green Hornet


Morning Glory


How Do You Know


The Mechanic

Barney’s Version

Blue Valentine



4 responses to “Films You Have To See In January!

  1. 127 hours and The Mecahnic is a must!

  2. David Mathew

    i saw 127 hours and james franco owns that film!

  3. I really want to see The Green Hornet! Hopefully it surprises me like Kick-Ass

  4. 127 hours was rad! got to see mechanic and blue valentine

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