Experts Warn Flu Cases To Rise

As people return to work and children return to school, experts are advising a surge in flu cases may arise. In winter there were 39 deaths in the UK due to the flu-like illness influenza and the cases may increase.

Parents, especially, have become more concerned about such an outbreak. They have opted to purchase jabs to protect their children. However High Street Pharmacies have desisted from giving them vaccines, firstly if they are under-18 and also if the children are healthy. Some pharmacies conclude offering vaccine would violate company policy plus regulatory rules. So far the pharmacists refusing to present the jab include Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Lloyds pharmacy.

Influenza Caused 39 Deaths In Winter (Courtesy of

Specialist in virology at St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospital, Professor John Oxford, claimed parents vaccinating their children was imperative. He said: “This virus is not going to go away next week. Even if it’s already peaked, it’s still going to be around for the next couple of weeks and it’s still worthwhile being vaccinated at this stage.”


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