Religious Hatred In Egypt

Well it doesn’t come as quite a shock when we hear Egypt, bombings, Christians and Muslims in the same sentence. However more times than none the result is riots, death and destruction; I guess it may have softened the blow if the occasions of the New year 2011 had occured sometime mid-year but when it’s  during  New years celebrations it does cause us to think, what has this world come to?

A time when all religions, races and backgrounds come to rejoice and celebrate the New year was turned into a bloodshed as Coptic Orthodox Christians left midnight mass in Alexandrias al-Qiddissin (The Saints) church. 21 were killed and another 70 were injured – merely a statistic in todays hostile world.

Many describe this instance as ‘an act of Terrorism’ which in my opinion is just said in order to use these bombing as a tool and reason to fight back at the responsible with double the intent and death toll- a vicious circle that will never end until people realise that being the ‘bigger person’ and living in religious harmony would save thousands of lives and benefit everyone; I may be naive but isn’t holding back from retaliation the best way to stop war crimes such as in Alexandria?

What annoys me is where the government stands as these bombings take place, it’s like they’re taking a back seat and cleaning up the ‘mess’ as it comes without a care in the world – really tells alot about politics in Egypt as a whole. Yes, I know Egypt is a predominantely a Muslim country and run by Muslims and the ‘accused’ of these bombings are Muslim al-Qaeda, so I guess it is hard for the government to feel any sympathy towards the happenings of that late Saturday evening; but throwing in a few police officers will not end any of this hatred, it’s only a short term action to control the riots.

But what about later? the future? What if it all happens again? Unfortunately the Coptic Orthodox Christian Christmas celebrations coming up on Friday 7th January would marginaly answer them questions, we will see what ‘actions’ the government takes then if any.

It does seem that the Christian community is being picked on in Egypt with these yearly war crimes however Muslims alike are also having to put up with the small ‘minority’ who give their religion and belief a bad name, but again the Muslim-run government is at the top of the hierachy, so why stress about losing credibility?

What happened on New years celebrations will happen again sad to say, there will always be extremists and bad politics but us normal civilians can and should speak up for the good of all people around us.

Rekigious Harmony - a target that is not impossible if we all work together (Courtesy of


One response to “Religious Hatred In Egypt

  1. Horrendous things like this happen in the world all the time – if only they’re could be peace for once, at least for a while.

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