Google Previews Honeycomb At CES

Despite having Gingerbread  come recently out of Google’s oven, the tech giant previewed the next iteration of its Android OS at the ‘Consumer Electronics Show’ (CES) in Las Vegas. Honeycomb (Android 3.0) is a tablet-optimised version of Android, and shows quite a radical change from the previous smartphone-orientated versions of Android.

The new OS was showcased on upcoming Molorola’s Xoom tablet at the conference, the first in an vast array of devices slated for release in spring 2011. Honeycomb has been designed specifically with tablets in mind, with the new email and Google Maps applications designed to capitalise on the larger screen space a tablet provides.

Motorola Xoom (courtesy of

It is unclear whether this will remain a tablet-only release or whether Android smart phones will be able receive some Honeycomb goodness. Whilst Google’s video states directly that this a tablet specific release, Andy Rubin (head of Android development) mentioned back in December (around when Gingerbread was released) that Honeycomb was for both tablets AND smartphones. In other words, your guess is as good as mine…


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