Rourke Committed To Role Of Gareth Thomas

For his new role as openly gay Welsh rugby star Gareth Thomas, Mickey Rourke will completely transform himself, by apparently having his teeth surgically removed. Not only that the actor is so committed to the biopic about Thomas’ life,  he will also visit the country where Gareth was brought up and attempt to learn the native tongue of Welsh.

Also, of course he will need to appreciate the sport and learn how to formulate some tackles in such a tough, devastating sport. Although I doubt the physical battle will be such an issue for Mickey considering his career-changing performance in The Wrestler.

Mickey Rourke To Play Rugby Player Gareth Thomas (Courtesy of

Gareth’s agent Emanuele Palladino commented on the actor’s commitment:

“He is going to get rid of his two front teeth and stuff – he will be taking them out. He really wants to throw himself into rugby and learn as quickly as he can.
“He will learn Welsh where it is relevant. He also wants to film everything in Wales,”


2 responses to “Rourke Committed To Role Of Gareth Thomas

  1. Dom Jeffers

    This is hilarious. I can’t believe Mickey Rourke’s gonna play a rugy player. Just imagine that accent coming out of his mouth.

  2. this is hilarious! is this rourke’s harvey milk moment?

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