127 Hours: Memorable Survival Films

127 Hours is a heart-stopping, against-the-odds drama with a nail-biting score and an incredible performance by James Franco. Aron Ralston, the trapped mountaineer spent a long of time trying to understand what was this vision he saw during his ordeal. Was it a religious vision, Was it related to his dehydration or was it a medically explicable epiphany which arises just before your about to die that tells your DNA tells you have to continue the human race, you have to get out, have children and keep the species going? This is what kept him alive and pushed him to escape the traumatic situation. Switch The Shift looks back at some memorable survival films.

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The Heart-Stopping 127 Hours


7 responses to “127 Hours: Memorable Survival Films

  1. I love Cast Away. Tom Hanks is great and when he reunites with Helen Hunt its so moving. I always cry.

  2. Deliverance is classic so is apollo 13. open water 2 had an interesting problem but i didn’t like buried it was really dull. lol the only interesting thing about that film was this upbeat song at the end.

  3. dom jeffers

    why on earth they put the song at the end i will have no idea. but it was quite funny. misplaced but hilarious

  4. dom jeffers

    oh and i loved rescue dawn – a very underrated film
    but christian bale with a terrific performance.

  5. rescue dawn was good – in fact the first time steven zahn wasn’t stoned!

  6. i loved this film and not just because i love james franco

  7. James Franco was the best film in this film… Shame that he’s in the same year as Colin Firth who is going to get the Oscar instead…
    However I thought this film was a case of style of substance in some places.
    Not a bad film… but it could have been a lot better.
    My review

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