Doctor Who Series 6


So what can we expect from the new season of Doctor Who, which is expected to air on BBC One in Spring and Autumn 2011? We can expect the most terrifying monsters in the first couple of episodes of this electrifying Doctor Who series. Additionally, this series will feature an ood, incomplete clones, life-size dolls, and Nazis.

River Song will be making an appearance, in which we will find out the truth about who she really is and her background story. Furthermore, Moffat revealed that the loose strings in season 5 about the cracks in time, and the external power that controlled the TARDIS and attempted to make it explode will be tied up in this series.


4 responses to “Doctor Who Series 6

  1. there was this hilarious dr who joke on mock the week; by russel howard k9 stop humping the toaster!

  2. the frankie boyle joke was more funny – welcome to the dalek poetry reading! this ones called DAFFODILS!!!

  3. do you think matt smith looks like something from 28 days later ?

  4. i’d like to take his assistant out for a candle lit meal. Either that or she can do some ironing for me.

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