The Smiths – Still Ill

(Explicit ***)

This song is really really old but I fucking love it! When people listen to songs of The Smiths like Still Ill they brandish The Smiths as depressing and melancholic but I say screw those people. Sure a song which contains the lyrics: “England is mine and it owes me a living, But ask me why, and I’ll spit in your eye” could be classed under the umbrella term of depressing. I, however, believe it displays pure raw emotion and thats the point about The Smiths they’re songs are powerful, honest and explicative. They explore fascinating, delirious topics and come up with some genuinely nihilistic yet at the same time intelligent jocular material.

With Still Ill you have a classic Smiths track, in that it contains; pure,candid lyrics with that classic philosophical question: “Does the body rule the mind, Or does the mind rule the body?”

Morrissey sings with sincere passion and energy, full of charisma and grace; the perfectionist Johnny Marr, performs with exquisite instrumental accomplishment and engines the song with some mesmerizing riffs. The base line is somewhat nostalgic but constantly being driven at such a literal pace which sucks you in and you just want to prance about in circles, and then it builds up at the end for the indelible show stopper. Complected in the mix the beer-bashing, non-stop drumming from Mike Joyce is devastating, brimming with dynamic prose.


4 responses to “The Smiths – Still Ill

  1. the smiths are awesome there is no question!

  2. and this track is devastating . absolute classic !

  3. love the smiths. the lyrics for still ill are just unbeatable!

  4. I loved how 500 Days of Summer promoted The Smiths!

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