You Call That Art?

I was at the Tate Modern with a friend a couple of months ago. It wasn’t a big plan of ares; we just happened to be walking down the bank-side and decided to pop in and take a look. I wasn’t expecting much – to be honest I didn’t know what to expect given that I’m not really invested as such in the culture of art. I walk in and this is what I got:

No wonder it was free! Who did they get to paint this? Year 3 school children? I’d like to say this was a rare occurrence – it wasn’t!

There’s this whole misconception that people don’t go to art galleries because they’re afraid that they don’t know enough. They should go to an art gallery knowing a fair share of knowledge. Art galleries are only suitable for upper class and the well to do people. Let me tell you now – the reason people don’t go to art galleries is because some art galleries display shit like that, which they pawn off as art but its not art, its cheap, tacky flimflam.

Here’s another piece of “art”, well so they say! What happened? Did the builders miss a patch and forget to paint the wall?


One response to “You Call That Art?

  1. the first picture is pile of shit and the second one your right they employed a dodgy builder

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