Empire State Of Glee!

Now i’m by no means a total gleek, hell, I don’t even watch the show but I decided screw it! I’m gonna put it on for 15 minutes and sit through it; whatever happens – happens. And I got to say – it wasn’t so bad.

Glee Glee Glee (Courtesy of

A hilarious montage of interviews with the high school crew (including the Chinese kids are dating because they’re Chinese),  the emergence of some lesbian football coach, a cat fight in the hall, the cheerleader who had a  boob- job to get noticed, the other cheerleader a teen mommy, the cheerleading coach’s attempted prank to feed dogshit cookies to a fellow staff member; and the head Glee Club singer’s secret ploy to send an even better singer (who wants to join Glee Club) to a crack house –it’s all going on and I’m engrossed!

Glee Club Performing Empire State Of The Mind (Courtesy of

Oh, and of course a  rendition of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ Empire State Of The Mind, which considering they destroyed Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, was really fun – some great choreography, awesome t-shirts and a nice mix of vocals. I’m impressed – not hooked just impressed!


9 responses to “Empire State Of Glee!

  1. i love it! it just makes you happy there are no two ways about it!

  2. may be it should be called ecstasy

  3. not that happy

  4. the choreography for that song was brilliant though

  5. more than agree

  6. your hooked on glee just admit it

  7. literally you’ve been gleeked!

  8. David Mathew

    totally gleek i have to admit it!

  9. The show is too addictive!

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