Matt LeBlanc Is Back

One thing I’m looking forward to on TV this year is the return of Matt LeBlanc with his new show Episodes.

Obviously we know Matt as Joey Tribbiani from the epic, long-running sitcom Friends! Since the flop of his spin-off Joey back in 2006, he practically disappeared from the face of earth. Why on Earth they made that shitty show I will never know but thank the Lord they buried it after two seasons!

Matt Is Back With Episodes (Courtesy of

I was skipping through the tele the other day and saw the promo for Matt’s new show on BBC2. His new show Episodes is a comedy about a British couple who attempt to turn their UK comedy hit into an American version, which leads to calamitous effects. Little Britain documentary it is not! In the show Matt plays a darker version of himself and it co-stars Green Wing stars Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig.

The show, written by Friends creator David Crane and Jeffrey Klarik from Mad About You moves away from sitcoms and represents the “single camera” show styke, where it is filmed like a movie on a closed set. Episodes is considered the most anticipated comedy of the year. Damn! Well with the return of Matt LeBlanc who would argue?

Episodes starts tonight on BBC Two at 22:00.


4 responses to “Matt LeBlanc Is Back

  1. cant wait. joeys back although dont call him joey he’ll bite your head off!

  2. btw what the hell is going with his hair. is he supposed to be that grey?

  3. he was in hibernation. its a side effect!

  4. I saw this yesterday. Matt Le Blanc wasn’t even in it! Well 50 seconds!

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