Bond 23 Gets Release Date!

MGM has announced the 23rd Bond film will be released on Nov 9th 2012. For a long time there were issues concerning  MGM’s financial circumstances meaning the 23rd installment of 007 had to be suspended. MGM, which stands for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and distributes Bond films, was $3.7 billion (£2.4 billion) in debt, and up for sale since November 2009. As a result the producer of the Bond films, EON Productions, had to postpone production. But now all is back on course.

Bond 23 will be Daniel Craig’s third outing as the British spy. American Beauty and Road To Perdition director Sam Mendes is set direct and the screenplay will be written by Bond regulars Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and interestingly, The Aviator screenwriter, John Logan. Yes! Bond is back and its all going down now!


4 responses to “Bond 23 Gets Release Date!

  1. david mathew

    this is great news.

  2. about bloody time!

  3. about bloody time.

  4. i just hope its not another quantum of solace disaster

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