Greengrass Set for Martin Luther King Movie!

Academy-Award nominated director Paul Greengrass is hard at work on a script about Martin Luther King titled Memphis.

From the title it is clear the film is based on a specific time of the great leader’ life. The film delves into Martin Luther King’s trip to Memphis where black sanitation workers committed to a strike against unequal rights. These events occurred in 1968 just before King’s assassination. There are suggestions the film will concentrate on King’s marriage, his openness about the Vietnam War, his association with the Black Power movement, his issues with President Lyndon Johnson and other personal aspects of his life like; his marriage, chain-smoking and boozing.

Whether Greengrass steers away from controversial issues, such as who was responsible for the death of the great leader, will be fascinating to see. Also who he casts in the movie and more importantly as Martin Luther King will be a riveting debate.  Apparently producer extraordinaire Scott Rudin is interested in producing the movie alongside Greengrass and Focus Features.

At the moment there are two other films about Martin Luther King firmly in the pipeline; Selma from Oscar-nominated director of Precious Lee Daniels and a biopic by Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg.


4 responses to “Greengrass Set for Martin Luther King Movie!

  1. i remember him doing united 93 which obviously based on real life. itl be interesting to see what greengrass does was memphis.

  2. who’s going to play martin luther is the big question?

  3. i’d like to see denzel washington

  4. i dunno he’s already played malcolm x. maybe jamie foxxx. he’s been in form recently.

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