Colin Firth Gets His Star

Congratulations to Colin Firth. He has a star on the prestigious Hollywood walk of fame!

Yesterday the Oscar-Nominated British treasure displayed his star to the world – the  2,429th star to be unveiled on Hollywood’s walk of fame. His star is placed nearby Emma Thompson’s sidewalk memento, beside the Pig ‘N Whistle pub on Hollywood Boulevard.

Last year Firth was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in A Single Man. He has already been nominated for a Golden Globe and SAG, this year for his part in The King’s Speech, and he is favourite to win the Academy Award this year.


7 responses to “Colin Firth Gets His Star

  1. congrats collie!

  2. Well done Mr Darcy!

  3. absolute british treasure

  4. british royalty not treasure

  5. i rephrase that royalty ! absolute british royalty!

  6. let me add – the absolute mr darcy

  7. I ad to happen sooner or later.
    He should have got an Oscar last year for “A single Man”, but hopefully he’ll get it this time for “the King’s Speech”.
    Here’s my review of the film

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