How you doin, Matt?

Last Friday I was really looking forward to Matt Le Blanc’s appearance on Graham Norton. Finally we would get to know a little about the man who brought us one of the greatest TV characters of all time. Guess my surprise when I realized how remarkably unremarkable is. Guess my dismay when you appreciate how different he is too his colorful TV character Joey Tribbiani.

The guy hasn’t been on our TV screens for how many years? Maybe four-five years since the pointless garbage that was Joey, the Friends spin-off. And you’re wondering what’s he been up to? Has he really been struggling that much to find work? What I gather from the Graham Norton interview is the man has been sitting at home for four years doing absolutely nothing. Apparently playing with his bulldozer? He recalls how before he started out as an actor he moved to New York for the first time, and moved in with a couple of British students. When he was with them he use to just sit at home and steal their food because his third of the fridge was always empty. Everyone does it, but I’m asking myself the question, since then he’s just been the same person. He hasn’t changed his ways he has no motivation this guy is lazy as hell.  Sure Matt created Joey Tribbiani and to create a timeless character is an exceptional achievement. But come on what are you doing now man?

I read somewhere the guy made so much money on Friends he has no reason to work anymore. He turned down a load of roles after Joey was cancelled. And that’s my point. Where’s the ambition? This is what he said to Details magazine: “My daughter’s education is paid for. Her grandchildren’s education is paid for. My mother’s house is paid off. My Father’s house is paid off. My house is paid off. I come from a blue-collar background and there’s nothing in my upbringing that prepares you for that. ‘

Matt Was Joined By Mary Portas & David Mitchell On Grham Norton (Courtesy of

Late last year Matt had a public meltdown when he yelled at a Mirror UK reporter who called him Joey. He replied back “I’m not Joey. Don’t you dare call me Joey. The papers say I’m finished, so don’t call me f***ing Joey. I want to leave that all behind. I’m moving on.” But I don’t understand Matt. How are you moving on? In what way? Moving on, on the couch?

Here’s my point, if I ever met Matt LeBlanc lets just say my first lines wouldn’t be “How you doin”, because the guy is doing absolutely nothing.


4 responses to “How you doin, Matt?

  1. he did come off as a bit lazy

  2. i didnt really learn anything about him in that interview

  3. hes not doing anythingelse he will always be known as joey. he cant complain about that. he has nothing else to look back at in his body of work.

  4. the guy is not interesting at all. he owns an acre estate and sits in his arse. thats it. what else do we want to know? what do we need to know? nothing

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