What’s The Answer To Holly’s Ultimatum?

(Spoiler ***)

Does Michael still have a chance with Holly? It depends – What was AJ’s response to her ultimatum to propose? All would be revealed in first episode of The Office of 2011.

Michael prepared himself for her response; he recorded a couple of videos; one for if her response depressed him and one for if he had a happy response. Then he waited. What was the result of the ultimatum? She didn’t even present him an ultimatum! Great – we waited all that time just to know that.

Meanwhile Pam set up a notice board for everyone to post their New Year’s resolution. Kevin promised to eat more vegetables, Creed wanted to perform a cartwheel and Dwight and Andy planned to sleep with some loose women. To fulfill his goal of reading more Darrell took Andy and Dwight to the book shop, deceiving them and saying he was actually going there to hook up with girls. What a bad idea, he turned to the dark side – buying an Ebook Reader instead of a book made of paper! Come on man you work for a paper company! Oh and Dwight roller-skated to the strip club. Not bad for the first episode of 2011! By the way where the heck was Jim in this episode? After the scene before the title sequence he just disappeared!


3 responses to “What’s The Answer To Holly’s Ultimatum?

  1. quite a funny episode for the new year of 2011

  2. the book shop scene was funny and when kevin told holly f off bitch!

  3. a shame steve carrell is leaving!

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