Is James Franco Superman?

How does James Franco make time for everything? Is James Franco Superman? He recently blew us away in Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours which is sure to pick up some Oscar nominations tomorrow (including a Best Actor nomination for James). He just finished shooting the sequel to Pineapple Express called Your Highness with Danny McBride. And his other movie, the remake of  Rise Of The Apes finished filming and just went into post-production. Not only that, he has to prepare himself for next month when he hosts the Oscars cermony with Anne Hathaway. And, meanwhile; he’s been studying a PhD at Yale University  and also studying at NYU, after just completing his MFA at Columbia University. How the heck does he do all of this stuff? I ask the question again: Is James Franco Superman?


4 responses to “Is James Franco Superman?

  1. this guy does so much im glad he has the same name as me

  2. i never knew he was doing a phd

  3. i love him. he’s so cute!

  4. perfect human specimen 🙂 his brother ain’t that bad of an actor either.. James franco is James dean (watch the YouTube videos you’ll get my jokes :p)

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