Episodes: Episode 3 Review


I spent yesterday evening watching another dull, episode of Episodes. I don’t really understand why it’s considered a comedy. Where are the laughs? Is there something wrong with me or am I supposed to be generating some other kind of emotion when watching this dribble?

For a start the English couple played by Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan are beginning to annoy me. I’m a Londoner so the accent shouldn’t really bother me, but it’s bloody irritating. Also I don’t understand how they could be a couple. He looks way too young for her. I don’t mean to be rude but she could be his older sister of ten years. They play around in bed and talk about sex like a hobby and it’s just really really demoralizing.

Episodes: episode 3 (Courtesy of

Also we were promised we would see a darker side to Matt LeBlanc but we haven’t really seen anything. He just seems so toned down – I want much much more. In episode three he was talking about his penis being the size of a third arm and I cracked up a little bit, but not that much. When Sean told Beverly he saw Matt LeBlanc’s cock I was a little bit hysterical, and then he said “It could take over a city”, and I chocked on my glass of Ribena. But aside from that the whole half hour was pretty dry and pointless. And that character Merc Lapidus has to be shot. He’s so insignificant and just has no comic value.

I think the writers are trying to make something similar and adventurous to Ricky Gervais’ Extras. But at the moment it can’t match any of the cackle and titter held by Extras, which is quite disappointing for Matt LeBlanc’s comeback show.


5 responses to “Episodes: Episode 3 Review

  1. the jokes are dry. i dont know where the humour is

  2. matt leblanc is a bit washed up these days.

  3. its funny in places and i do really like tamsin greig

  4. she needs to dye her hair

  5. i watched morning glory the other day. that guy who plays the producer, he was playing another producer in morning glory. i was a little bit dumbfounded. did they just take the same character from episodes and put him in there cos they were lazy. such lazy producers!

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