Andy Murray This Is Your Chance!

If you ever threw away the discussion “Will Andy Murray ever win a Grand Slam?”, find it and consider it again because the Scott’s time has come once more and this may be his best chance. This morning, the favourite to win the Australian Open, Roger Federer, followed Rafael Nadal out of the competition, after losing in straight sets to Novak Djokovic. If there was a better time to win a Grand Slam for Murray this would be his opportunity.

Murray has been in blistering form in the competition. He dropped only twenty-two games in his first four matches and no more then three in one set. He has displayed some unbelievable tennis in this tournament, mixing his game with a variety of shots, slices and relentless pace. His serve has improved and he has really put a lot of time into focusing on his opponents frailties. Tomorrow he faces Rafael Nadal’s conqueror, David Ferrer, the man they dub “The Wall”.

Tennis pundits are saying Murray’s route to the final is easy as pie. Well, the statistics are sort of in Murray’s favour. They have met five times before, Murray has won twice and Ferrer three times. However those three defeats were on Ferrer’s favourite surface of clay. Given that Melbourne is a hard surface, Murray has an advantage as he has beaten Ferrer twice on the hard surface.

But we shouldn’t get carried away, like every British newspaper does when any British tennis player finds himself in this situation. Ferrer has great determination, solid backhand and forehand passes, and elegant footwork. He is a tennis dynamo who just never stops.

Sunday’s Australian Open final will be the first Grand Slam final in which Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal are not competing, since the Australian Open final back in 2008. Who will meet Novak Djokovic in the Australian Open final on Sunday? We will see tomorrow morning, when the two meet at 830 am.


3 responses to “Andy Murray This Is Your Chance!

  1. he has to do this. if he doesnt go all the way now he never will!

  2. Ferrer shld be a piece of cake.

  3. murray can be brilliant wen he wants to be then at times he can be equally frustrating. Hopefully tomorrow isn’t one of his frustrating days! he can do this he can go all the way he just has to keep the focus!

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