Eastwood’s J. Edgar Shaping Up

Clint Eastwood’s Hoover biopic J. Edgar is really beginning to fall into place. A couple of days ago it was announced Naomi Watts would vacate the role of Hoover’s secretary Helen Gandy, which was originally given to Charlize Theron. She’s opted for starring in a film adaptation of Snow White instead. What a decision; turning down the chance to work with Clint Eastwood for some fairy tale character. Wow.

The Oscar-nominated actress, famous for her roles in The Ring and King Kong joins a multi-talented cast. This includes of course the ever-versatile Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role of Hoover. He’s worked with some of Hollywood’s greatest directors from Danny Boyle to Martin Scorsese to Christopher Nolan. Now with J. Edgar he adds Clint Eastwood to his immaculate CV. Also in the cast list the very-talented Armie Hammer, who was superb in The Social Network. The film will also star Ed Westwick, Josh Lucas, Tony-Award winner Ken Howard and British treasure Dame Judi Dench as Anne Marie Hoover. And the movie is scripted by the smashing screenwriter of Milk, Oscar-Winner Dustin Lance Black.

J.Edgar begins shooting in February and just going by the people involved, it looks like its going to be an absolute treat.


One response to “Eastwood’s J. Edgar Shaping Up

  1. And leo dicaprio always gets to work the best people

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