The Office: The Seminar Review

You’ve had an idea for a while, you wanted to start your own business and sell your own product or service so you sat down and you got cracking. You planned, you prepared you started the innovation and now your in full swing, but you don’t know exactly where to navigate, where to get the process spouting. You need counsel, you need some wise words of wisdom to point you in the right direction but where do you find that charge? Fear not you’re worries are a hill of beans, your concerns are as empty as a sidewalk coke can when you attend the “How To Grow Your Small Business” seminar hosted by none other then business expert Andy Bernard.

Yes that sales plonker Andy Bernard is holding a seminar for owners of small businesses in the conference room of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton office. His sales numbers have been floundering recently and he’s using the seminar as a ploy to lure possible clients. An idea which he got from a real estate seminar he went to himself that sold him a trip to Boise, Idaho.

The seminar seems like a great idea except Andy has one problem; all of his guest speakers decide to bail on him; Dwight, Phyllis and Stanley because the small businesses are fairly bad ideas – making 0.2% off credit card transactions and selling mine shafts, and Jim because he has some history with one of the owners of the small business. So Andy does the unthinkable – he hires some random nobodies from the office to act as business experts – Kevin, Creed and Ryan. Kevin is the most hilarious, running around like a headless chicken chewing a sandwich then telling the audience to picture a winner whilst throwing up in a bin. Kelly stands in for Ryan branding herself as “The Business Bitch” and calling the Yale University Adjunct Professor In Management Scott Powell, who tells them the ten secrets of business. While Creed tells the audience what the Loch Ness Monster looks like, why? I have no idea but it’s too funny ” Two eyes, two ears, a chin, a mouth, ten nipples, a butt, two kneecaps, a penis I’ve just described to you the Loch Ness monster and the reward for its capture – all the riches in Scotland”

Meanwhile Pam and Oscar are trying to help Kelly beat Gabe at a game of Scrabble so she can win the rights to choosing the movie they watch. She is practically useless playing the word “moo” rather then “moon” or “mood”. Also Michael is practicing his character Mikanos (a plant for Andy’s seminar to make him look good and so he can seal the sales) with Holly. They try it on the security guard who only wants to sell them coffee.

With the ridiculous business advice offered by Andy’s business experts and Kelly’s cluelessness about how to operate Scrabble this week’s The Office managed to be packed with some very funny material and one or two uncomfortable moments, such as Michael overstepping his boundaries and asking Holly to put her lips on his lips. Oh, and also David Brent made a nice one minute appearance just before the rolling credits (vide clip above). In fact he got the best line: “Comedy is the place where the mind goes to tickle itself. That’s what she said.”


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