Where is 50 Cent these days?

Curtis James Jackson III, aka ’50 Cent’, has been out of the limelight for a while. Once the shining star of rap, he’s almost faded away into complete obscurity. Very seldomly  are his records are played on the ghetto blasters of Middle England.

50 Cent, or 'Fiddy' as he's known down 'in da club' (courtesy of

So where has he been for the past few years? Well, back in 2007, he foolishly threatened to quit recording solo music if Kayne West’s albums sold more copy than his (‘Curtis’) on September 11th. And he lost, much to the dismay of England’s Middle Classes.

But despite ‘retiring’, he still aimed to release a few more solo albums, one of which was released in 2009, called ‘Before I Self Destruct’. But ‘Fiddy’ had all but lost the baying admiration of the gentry, who’d flocked over to the likes of a Mr ‘Dizzee Rascal’ and that charming family troupe called ‘N-Dubz’.

But there perhaps is another reason for his relative absence from the music scene. Yes, it seems Fiddy was a victim of the global recession. Rather amusingly, 50 cent is subject to global inflationary and economic pressures. The weakening US economy has meant that 50 cent is no longer worth as much as he once was (or thought he was). As a result of the downturn, Fiddy lost several million on the stock market and wasn’t able to sell off his rather ostentatious 53-bedroom mansion. It was much rumoured that 50 had to work extra shifts at his ‘Candy Shop’ to make ends meet.

50 Cent, complete with hairnet for work in the Candy Shop (courtesy of

But he’s certainly still active, and is reportedly writing material for his next foray into music for release in 2011. Chances are it’ll be another rap number, but who knows he start cracking on that operatic piece he’s always wanted to do.


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