Gallery To Join The Ranks Of Intel

Intel, the world’s foremost manufacturer of processor chips, has hired the Black Eyed Peas frontman, as the firm’s ‘Director of creative innovation’. There doesn’t appear to be any particular or logical reason for the appointment, other than to promote Intel’s wares amongst the younger generations. But Intel ruthlessly dominate the market anyway, so the whole thing seems a tad pointless. at the Intel press conference (courtesy of

I’m also not sure what exactly brings to the table for Intel. “Nearly everything I do involves processors and computers”, proclaimed, “And when I see an Intel chip I think of all the creative minds involved that help to amplify my own creativity.”…… What rubbish!

Deborah Conrad, head of marketing at Intel, stated “We’re thrilled to tap into the limitless creativity brings to the table.” Hmmm…. By ‘creativity’, she obviously means how he shamelessly rips off classic songs, or how relentless repetition underpins every one of his songs.

“Our partnership with is a prime example of how we want to convey and deliver the Intel experience” Conrad further stated. Essentially, this is basically a cunning marketing ruse, attempting to make Intel seem fashionable amongst the mob.


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