Kubica Injured In Rally Crash

Early on Sunday morning Robert Kubica suffered a severe crash in Italy whilst competing in the Ronde di Andora rally. The Renault driver fractured his right arm, leg and hand after smashing his Skoda Fabia into a church wall at high pace. He was said to be only 4.6km from the start of the rally. Astonishingly his co-driver Jakub Gerber escaped the crash unharmed.

Following the accident Kubica was air-lifted via helicopter to a hospital close to Genoa. Although he did not experience life-threatening injuries questions will be reaised about whether he can perservere in the sport. Back in 2003 after a serious road accident he had surgery which involved titanium bolts being implanted in his arm.

Renault released a statement regarding Kubica’s horrific incident:

“After undergoing extensive medical checks this morning, Robert Kubica has been diagnosed with multiple fractures to his right arm, leg and hand.

“He is currently undergoing surgery at the Santa Corona Hospital in Peitra Ligure.”

Clearly Kubica will miss the start of the F1 season, when it begins with the Bahrain Grand Prix on March 13th. As a F1 fanatic, we hope he will recover from this and will be fit enough to return some time later in the season.


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