The Fighter: Memorable Boxing Movies

New boxing drama The Fighter, tells the story of working class Lowell native Micky Ward, as he tries to make it big in the boxing world with the help of his half-brother, former boxer, now turned crack-addict Dicky Eklund, his feisty mother and also his manager Alice and his “no nonsense” barmaid girlfriend Charlene. Although it’s about Micky’s struggle to glory in boxing, the film is a series of individual struggles. Micky is getting older and doesn’t know whether or not he can succeed without his troubled family, Dicky faces a battle against his crack addiction, which he must overcome for the sake of his son and family, while Alice is forced to question her ability as a mother. To celebrate the release of The Fighter this week, Switch The Shift looks back at some memorable boxing movies.

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3 responses to “The Fighter: Memorable Boxing Movies

  1. love the hurricane! triumphant film!

  2. dom jeffers

    its got to be raging bull for me

  3. dom jeffers

    a great white hope is a forgotten film, really important that it was noted here!

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