The Office: The Search Review

Some people are just made for each other. Jack has Jill, Brad has Angelina and David has Victoria. How do you know when you’re meant to be with someone? Some say if you can imagine a future together with that person. Some say if you respect that person, you don’t care about their bad habits and like them plain and simple. Some say if you want that special person to meet your parents. But how does Holly know she’s meant to be with Michael? It’s simple – by showing her a practical demonstration, hence this weeks The Office titled “The Search”!

Following a routine sales call, Jim and Michael stop at a gas station because Michael is on the verge of bursting his banks in the confines of Jim’s car. Whilst Jim waits for Michael to do his special business, he receives a call from his mother-in-law that she has accidentally locked his baby in her car whilst taking Ceecee for a casual check-up at the doctor’s surgery. So in an emergency he makes a dash for it. Thankfully his daughter is fine but Jim has to stay with her at the doctors surgery. Informing Pam at the office of the situation, clearly someone has to pick up Michael at the gas station. Dwight, Erin and Holly are the dynamic trio out on the prowl for Michael. The problem for them, by the time they arrive Michael has already gone for a walkabout, without a phone and without his wallet.

Now here comes the calamity. On his ramble, he visits a pet shop, has a couple of conversations with some puppies and a snake; he tries to make a deal with a hotdog vendor, in which he’ll lend the geezer his watch for a hotdog, and he has a meal in a Chinese restaurant. At first he plans to eat at the restaurant, not pay the bill and dash, then hesitantly comes back in confessing his idiocy, meaning he faces the wrath of the bitter, overweight chef and ends up making their ‘thief” noticeboard, which just happens to have another member of the Dunder Mifflin Troupe already incorporated within it. Guess who!

Meanwhile, back at the office, the staff take part in a caption competition, where Pam draws a picture of two dogs enjoying a rendezvous by some palm trees on an island, and the rest of the crew have to write the best caption to go with this sketch. Unfortunately, Gabe believes they are deriding the company and decides to enforce his own rules on the contest. They can’t write catchphrases which mock the company, they can’t write catchphrases which include pop culture references and instead of writing the caption directly under the drawing they should use the company’s “sticky quips”. Therefore, the staff resort to objectionable measures, they secretly persist with the contest using IAM – some kind of office messenger service, completely neglecting Gabe’s rule about not writing captions which mock the company!

Whilst they busy in their office game, Dwight’s “manhunt/rescue mission” isn’t as efficacious as he would’ve liked. The terrific trio are always one step behind Michael, and Holly is busy changing her cellphone plan with a fake name, so that she can receive a free stress ball. Luckily for Dwight he find’s the key to finding Michael – Holly. Everywhere she feels like going Michael has already visited that place. So Michael also used a fake name to receive a stress ball from the cellphone company and Michael also felt like having some Chinese cuisine for lunch.

When Holly discovers Dwight’s been using her to track down Michael she believes it’s just coincidental that Michael visited the same place she would’ve visited if in the same situation. But in the end as she climbs the stairs of the building, as she makes it straight to the top, and finds Michael watching by the edge of the roof she just knows they are meant to be together, to which we are left with a beautiful, wonderful moment. Finally – Holly and Michael are back together!


4 responses to “The Office: The Search Review

  1. I loved this episode it was hilarious!

  2. really heartwarming at the end when they finally made it!

  3. dom jeffers

    michael and holly are back together woo!!!

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