Will Angry Birds Ever Stop?

To call Angry Birds just a success is perhaps a little mild. When first released in December 2009 on the iPhone, nobody knew the extent it would dominate the mobile app ecosystem. All in all, Angry Birds has been downloaded an astonishing 50 million times across the iOS, Android and Nokia platforms.

Angry Birds (courtesy of

To those that don’t know the game, the idea of the game is to catapult various birds over (or through) obstacles in order to ‘kill’ some pigs. And porcine homicide is pretty much all there is to the game. The game proves that old adage that the simplest things in life are often the best. As it turns out, the gameplay is hugely addictive.

However the alluring charm of the game dissipated soon as I was returned to the home screen after the last level. It was a shallow victory. I instantaneously lost interest, and the game hasn’t been played since. In fact, I developed a certain disliking towards towards the series.

But personal views aside, Angry Birds risks turning into an digital pariah. Why? Well, it’s just being force fed through almost every electronic medium possible. Whereas, Angry Birds is fine living on the smartphone platform, it’s since spread to games consoles and the PC and Mac platform.

Angry Birds game (courtesy of

But it hasn’t stopped there. T-Shirts, plush toys and board games are already being sold, or in the pipeline. A TV series is also rumoured to be in the works, with a feature film planned for a few years time. The franchise has also tied in with the upcoming animated film ‘Rio’, due for release sometime this year. Expect a ‘Rio’ themed game heading out of Rovio’s oven.

Rio (courtesy of

The rate at which Rovio is pushing Angry Birds however, may prove to make the franchise an annoyance more than anything. Even now, it seems like Angry Birds is everywhere and it’s seemly hard to get away from it. It’s good if you love Angry Birds, but if you’re suffering from Angry Bird fatigue, it’s nothing short of torture. Eventually, it’ll get the point were everyone will just get sick of it all, and the Angry Birds bubble will collapse on itself. Or it will go on to live on forever and ever…

I guess you can’t blame Rovio for milking Angry Birds for what it’s worth. But I just wished it would end!


3 responses to “Will Angry Birds Ever Stop?

  1. this game is very very addictive!

  2. But they’re pushing it.

    They should stick with one game.

    Not 3

    (Normal, Sesasons, Rio)

    And the light editions (for slow phones)

    And the free ones. (with 6 levels)

  3. They are indeed pushing it a bit. They could have included the seasons levels with the main game. But I guess Rovio wants as much $$$ they can squeeze out of the franchise by releasing a novelty 2nd app.
    And the Rio tie-in? another $$$ stream, me thinks…

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