Nokia To Partner With Microsoft In The Smartphone War

Nokia have announced an alliance with Microsoft, which will see Windows Phone 7 onto Nokia’s handsets. It’s certainly quite an interesting move, considering less than 10 years ago, they were vying for dominance of the smart phone market.

Nokia/WP7 mockup (courtesy of

However, times change and none more so than the technology world. The past 5 years saw the release of Apple’s iPhone and then later, Google’s Android OS. These 2 platforms have shaken up the smartphone completely in this short space of time, with Android dethroning Symbian (was Nokia’s OS of choice) as the world’s most popular platform in Jan 2011. Apple and Google are simultaneously eating away at Nokia’s (and Microsoft’s) share in the market, and so as you’d imagine, it would give them the jitters.

It hasn’t helped that Nokia’s handsets haven’t really been the most eye catching or innovative of devices. Sure, there are some gems amongst the rabble and in general Nokia’s hardware is top notch, but overall, there’s nothing Nokia had that could really outshine the iPhone. The fact Nokia was dogged with Symbian also contributed. It was either laggy or unstable, a fact made clearer viewing the handsets at Nokia’s Regent Street store. Nokia should have ditched it years ago.

On the other hand, Windows Phone 7, a very well polished OS by all means, hasn’t proved to be the success Microsoft was hoping for. Which is a shame, considering it’s very comparable to Apple’s and Google’s offerings. So perhaps, a combination of Microsoft’s OS and Nokia’s hardware may prove to be a winning combination? Who knows?

But what bemuses me about Nokia adopting WP7, is the fact they’ve ditched MeeGo, an OS Nokia worked hard on, with Intel, to develop. Nokia was hoping to use MeeGo to replace Symbian, but that seems likely that’s been canned. Nokia invested a lot of money into developing the Linux-based OS, so it seems a shame to ditch it, considering the fruits of both Intel’s and Nokia’s labour were promising. In response to Nokia’s defection, Intel stated they were ‘disappointed’.

Not to shabby for a development model, no? I wonder what will happens to MeeGo now now Nokia has left it….


One response to “Nokia To Partner With Microsoft In The Smartphone War

  1. 2 giants joining together to form an unbeatable team!

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