Meireles Scores Again Although The Reds Winning Streak Is Halted

Liverpool’s winning streak came to an end yesterday as they could only manage a lousy 1-1 draw at home to a shoddy Wigan side they should really have put away easily. Despite this, the reds showed another a great display playing with such confidence and energy, the kind of fresh verve and poise which has been injected into the team following the return of Kenny Dalglish. Add to this the fact, that new signing Luis Suarez dominated the Wigan defense throughout the game, hitting the woodwork twice and also there was a slight suspicion Wigan’s goal should’ve been ruled off for off-side, they deserved more then a musty draw.

One again the man who got Liverpool off to a good start in the game was their man on fire Raul Meireles, who lashed him another superb volley, following that cracker he scored against Wolves. After Fabio Aurelio’s weak cross was deflected straight into his path, Meirles took his time to execute the finish. That’s just the way football goes, when your in firey form, the ball is always going to arrive at you in the best of positions.

Having said this Meireles is beginning to look like a really important for Liverpool, with his goal against Wigan being his fourth goal in the last five matches. We all know he can finish off his goals when need be, but he is much more then that. He has an incredible passing range and also works effectively on a defensive level. And he works tirelessly hard for the team, helping to sustain the midfield and back-line when need be. To be honest under the reign of Roy Hodgson he was probably one of Hodgson’s better signings.

There’s all this hype about the arrival of Andy Carroll, but it seems Liverpool  are doing pretty fine with their so-called makeshift attacking midfielders, especially Raul Meireles, who is firing on all-cylinders at the minute!


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