Another Master Rant From Dr Kermode

The Kermode and Mayo friday film show brought another master Kermodian rant, in the form of a glaring look at the new Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston Rom-Com Just Go With It!

In this new rant, Dr Kermode drilled into the deepest chinks of comic absurdity, with some of the most outrageous lines. For example the good news about the film – Rob Schneider isn’t in it. The best thing about the film – Jennifer Aniston, the only human beating heart.

Kermode And Mayo Film Show (Courtesy of

Clearly the main victim at the end of Dr Kermode’s notorious harangue was Adam Sandler, where he describes his character as smackable not loveable! Lets face it Mr Sandler has brought us some crummy work in recent times; Grown Ups and You Don’t Mess With The Zohan to name just a few, and officially the Good Doctor announced after the cheap, carelessness of Just Go With It, Punch Drunk Love would no longer be able to save him here. His biggest criticisms though were his funniest: first, he actually spent large sections of the movie wanting Jennifer Aniston to come back on screen. And the only way you knew Sandler was telling a joke was because he was laughing at his own jokes!

Certainly another fascinating friday afternoon listen. However, I still believe the Good Doctor’s recent rant of Just Go With It cannot live up to the hilarity I felt when listening to his review of Eat Pray Love, where it was officially retitled “Eat Pray Love Vomit” and his most classic rant of all time Transformers 2: Revenge Of The Fallen!


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