The Office: PDA Review


Who would have thought Public Displays Of Affection (PDA) would give rise to so much chaos in an office space? Case in point: Michael and Holly are driving people nutty as they return to The Office once again as a couple!

Last time on the show we were left with a charming moment as Holly realized she and Michael were suppose to be together and they finally embraced on the rooftop of some random building, down town. Although such a marvelous, heartwarming end to a pretty interesting episode, this single moment may have disastrous consequences for the rest of the office!

It is valentines day in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Michael and Holly just can’t let go of each other. They’re hugging, they’re kissing, they’re necking, they’re even whispering provocatively, and the staff are beginning to complain. Especially Oscar who has to sit in on them touching each other’s palms in what could be described only as, touching in a peculiar fashion, as he ardently waits for Michael to give a signature to some paperwork. The only one in the office who enjoys watching Michael and Holly’s range of PDA is Kevin, because it makes him feel horny. No surprises there.

Michael And Holly Just Can't Get Off Each Other (Courtesy of

Meanwhile, the two other “office” couples celebrate valentines day in their own meaningful ways. Gabe decides to go all scientific with his valentine’s day gift for Erin, by leaving clues around the office and allowing her to emabark on a valentine’s day treasure hunt. That’s right treasure hunt not scavenger hunt! Whilst Jim and Pam, due to the influence of bottomless champagne, look around the office for a place to have sex. No lie, they have completely lost their sense of rationality.

Two major points I picked up on in this episode: firstly, as Jim has featured less overall in this season his character has become less important and I would argue less interesting. In fact Andy and Erin’s relationship is much more funny and appealing. We all want to see them be together and yet her naivety and his idiocy/charm, make for a really interesting watch.

Also, the fact that Jim and Pam make up smaller fragments of episodes mean other characters have been given a chance to show their humour. So we have been treated to Oscar’s bickering and disagreements, Kevin’s monkey faces, Daryl’s wise-crack sass and more recently Gabe’s tool-like” qualities! I almost chocked on my spaghetti when he suggested the reason why Michael and Holly’s level of sexual touching was reaching a complex was because Holly is taking MDMA – street name ecstasy!

But the best part of this episode for me, was when Michael suggested designating one of the office’s closets as a hook up zone, to which Dwight says it wont work because “What if two couples want to go at the same time?”


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