The Champions League Is Back Tonight!

Tonight the Champions League returns with two cracking fixtures: Valencia Vs. Schalke and AC Milan Vs. Tottenham. I’m not going to lie I’m more interested in one of them rather then the other. That’s right, the big question on everyone’s minds, can Tottenham return to the San Siro and do what they did to Inter Milan in the last round!

The problem for Spurs their star man Gareth Bale, who scored a hat trick against Inter Milan at the San Siro will miss the game. There are also doubts over Luca Modric, who may not play due to injury.

Nonetheless Redknapp has vowed the London outfit are in Milan to attack, attack, attack! Without their star man Bale, clearly the game will lose some energy and Spurs will lose some attacking prowess, but still it makes for an outstanding encounter! My contention, if Spurs can leave with a 1-1 draw or more, Redknapp will be more then pleased!


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