Champions League Review


The Champions League returned with a cracker

After Wednesday games I was totally knackered

What tension what fun

The London teams surprised all their fans and won

The Gunners against Barca, pulled off a late 2-1 comeback

Whilst Tottenham’s dominance of Milan on the Italian giants’ turf

Ended with Joe Jordan receiving an unnecessary headbutt


I’ll start with the gunners cos they achieved the biggest feat

Barcelona returned to the Emirates, believe me I’ve been waiting for this fixture for weeks

Unlike last year

In the first half

Arsenal showed resilience, Arsenal showed character

But once again the killer finish they lacked

And then came the blow

Messi plays in Villa

He slots past the keeper

Now Arsenal have lost a bit of hope


Second half

And Arsenal are serious

They are passing with intention

They are cleaning up loose ends

All that’s on their mind –  attack, attack, go on the offense

Then 12 minutes from time

You think this tie is already a loss

They get the equaliser

First Van Persie

A low shot from an acute angle

I assure you it wasn’t a cross

Now Barca are rocking

They’ve lost a bit of the plot

Nasri plays the ball from the right flank

And Arshavin slots past a desperate Victor Valdez

And Your thinking Arsenal 2- Barcelona 1, What?



As for Spurs they went to the San Siro to conquer and proceed

How they dominated, how they excelled, how they showed the labouring Italian outfit their qualities indeed

The first half was defensive

With both sides hardly pressing

Spurs learnt Milan’s weaknesses as a first half lesson


Then came the second half

And with it the fireworks

And for the neutrals

A few clashes and altercations as perks

Flamini should’ve been sent off

After almost breaking Corlucka’s leg

And Gattuso chased each Spurs player with the intention of putting them in a hospital bed


The game went on

Dawson was formidable in the Spurs back line

Palacious and Sandro were terrific

And Crouch worked tirelessly

Undoubtedly he’s playing in his prime

Spurs waited

They were persistent

They were patient with time

80 minutes passed

And then Crouch got the winner

Slotting neatly into the goal

After Lennon darted past a flailing old Nesta

And had the cool to set up the big man with a deft roll


After the game Genero Gattuso should’ve been shot

Headbutting Joe Jordan as if he thought he was so hot

What a shame

The antics of this little fucker

Were the biggest talking point of the game

Congratulations to Spurs with such a historic win

They’ll celebrate now

But they wont take the 1-0 in vein

Just watch what Bale does to Milan

When they head off in two weeks to White Heart Lane!


2 responses to “Champions League Review

  1. pretty creative how you contexted it, into a poem. nice stuff.

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