Ross Kemp Returns With Extreme World!

After four successful seasons of Ross Kemp On Gangs and several specials on Afghanistan, Amazon, the Middle East and Pirates, Ross Kemp returns to Sky One with a brand new documentary series, Ross Kemp: Extreme World.

In the news series Ross will visit Chicago, Mexico, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and look into the truth and realities concerning murder, drugs and terrorism. Also he will look at issues of human trafficking in the UK.

Ross Kemp will visit Mexico for the new series (Courtesy of

Being such a massive fan of Ross Kemp On Gangs, I can’t wait to see what he learns in this new show. In 2007  Ross Kemp On Gangs won the BAFTA for Best Factual Series and deservedly so. Kemp puts himself in some of the most dangerous situations and we really get a detailed insight into gang life. A perspective we would never have experienced if not for the daring and fearlessness of Ross and his team.

I can only hope this series brings the sharpness and depth of his previous shows. Kemp has proved himself to be a great journalist and not just some random bloke off a crappy British soap.  I am certain he will deliver again with Ross Kemp: Extreme World and viewers will be utterly absorbed and engrossed with what he uncovers in the new show. Ross Kemp: Extreme World commences this Monday, 21st February 2011.


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